Monday, November 2, 2009


What girl doesn't have a little sequin action in their wardrobe? If you don't, get some a.s.a.p. I love how designers have been incorporating sequins into their pieces, like this amazing blazer by DVF:Definitely not for the conservative, it adds serious drama to an outfit. Just wear it out at night and with a basic backdrop, like a white tee. Below is an option from my lover, J.Crew. This cardi is perfect for putting a bit of sparkle into an outfit or for wearing to the office:

J.Crew has a lot of sequin options right, now so be sure to check their site out. As I always say, if you want to incorporate a trend into your current closet, but are concerned about taking it all the way, try it out with an accessory like this Juicy Couture sequin scarf:
Now for the interiors. Ok, don't freak out. I'm not going to tell you to reupholster your couch in sequins. A great way to add some pop to a boring space is to accessorize it with sequin pillows. There are some beautiful options out there, and even in mainstream stores like Target:

I loooove this pillow. It's only $54.99, which is a steal when it comes to embellished accent pillows. Click here to purchase it.
For other great options, here's a gold one from Ethan Allen, and a really beautiful copper one from Burke Decor.
Hope I've convinced someone to welcome the world of sequins!
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