Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fashion-Forward Beverly Hills Bungalow

Sometimes a neutral color palette can be so refreshing, yet trendy. Below is a home designed by Mary McGee and it's described as "a glammed out treehouse". Whoa! A treehouse? I always wanted one of those...Anyway, she definitely achieved her desire to make her home glamorous:
Check out that mirror on mirror layered look. Sweet!
I love the lucite chair thrown into the mix. I think I need to purchase one of these. Anyone know where I could get one on the cheap?

Ok so everyone knows about my little J.Crew obsession and a portion of their fall collection has just arrived. Some things I've been slightly drooling over, but regardless they have some of their new outfits that I thought went perfectly with the rooms above:

I'm feeling the need to wear a serene neutral outfit tomorrow. To see more of the glam treehouse, click on the link below:
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girly Glam in a Small Space

I'm sure many of you will disagree with me when I say everyone should have some hot pink in their wardrobe. I own a hot pink pashmina (from the streets of China town thank you very much) that I always wear when I need a punch of color. Now, the Marc Jacobs outfit below is not just "a punch of color". It almost burns a hole in your retina, but hey it's MJ you have to respect his awesome sense of style. Regardless, I was totally inspired by this little townhouse that only a mom and her 3 daughters lived in. They definitely girlied it up. What girl would not want to live here??

This foyer totally makes an awesome statement when entering a home. I always think it's a good idea to pack some punch in a little tiny foyer.
Beautiful use of color in the dining/living space.

I vow to someday in the near future use wallpaper somewhere in my house

The MJ outfit below is actually a skirt and a corset top. I know it looks like a dress, but that just makes it all the more versatile as separate pieces.
I know, I know get off the ikat thing already, but did you see that ikat upholstery?? Gorgeous...Check out this super cute clutch from ShopBop:To see more of the girly townhouse, click on the link below:
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bunny Williams Love

I was super-pschyed to pull out the August issue of House Beautiful from my mailbox and on the front cover was this room design which I've had archived FOREVER. I didn't even know who was the designer, I just thought someone took a picture of their home and posted it online. It sat collecting dust in my pictures folder seriously since I started this blog. So I was very excited to read all about the room. I've also had the outfit match for quite some time, too. Finally, Bunny, here is your match:

To read the full story from House Beautiful, click here.
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Wild West Inspiration

For some reason western style has crept its way into my mind. Now I am the farthest thing from a cowgirl you will find, but lately I've been interested in adding some touches to my wardrobe. Which of course got me searching for western inspired interiors! Check out the ones below from Architectural Digest: Scarf from F21 for like $5! Would love to add this to a little sundress.
Helloooo sale! These cute little sandals are from again, American Eagle, and are a cheap cheap $9 on clearance. Why are you still reading this, GO BUY THEM! I would if I didn't already have a fringy pair from Payless. It's always good to find a trend on the cheap, because ya know no one will be wearing these next year...

Karen Zambos blouse

And for my lovely interiors:

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nautical Niceties

I know this does go along with the red, white and blue theme a little, but in my eyes nautical inspiration is a whole other ballgame. First let's discuss the decor. How cute would these rooms be in a beach house?? The traditional beach house decor is cheesy seashells everywhere and pale blue walls, etc. BLAH... I definitely love these ideas waaay more. They do include some shells, which is an essential, just not in a tacky manner. The first two images are from Country Living:

These images are from a home in Nantucket. Oh how I'd love this to be my home:

To see more of this Nantucket Home, click here.
Now for the fashion! My fiance has a boat that he is sooo obsessed with I can't stand it. However, these cute pieces could inspire me to take a ride on the boat more often!

Can you believe all 3 pieces above are from American Eagle?? I need to go back to my high school roots and start shopping there again!

Check out these earrings from a jeweler I never heard of (click here for website)
And finally, check out JcPenney's line American Living:

Ok I need to stop, but you MUST check out this super cute summer line at JCP. Sorry for the long post, I was just extremely inspired!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Moroccan Flair

It's much too beautiful a day to be working in an office, which is why I'm so distracted and posting another entry for the day. I have so many images piled up that I haven't used yet, so I'm sifting through and finally using them. This is my Moroccan themed match I've had for awhile. I love the DVF dress/beach cover up. Makes me think of a warm beach somewhere far away from PA. The room is super fun, too. Kind of makes me want to add one in my little townhouse of styles. I also found this sweet website featuring all Moroccan inspired interior elements. Check out the website here. I tried to post the pics, but they're copyrighted. If I had the patience, I'd love to get an old chair and try to paint the traditional Moroccan patterns on it. Someday...
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Fashion Inspiration

For some reason, I really enjoy the room below. Which of course got me thinking, how could this translate into a cute summer outfit, even though the colors are predominately darker and fall-like? (I apologize for the picture being so tiny, it was initially made larger??) I would totally wear those sandals (Steve Madden) and the turquoise scarf had me a little iffy paired with the burnt orange dress, but I feel like it's an unexpected pop of color that the outfit needs. It's funny that without seeing this room, this outfit would probably not be something I'd normally put together, yet I'd wear it tomorrow! I'm not really a fan of the carpet in the room, but luckily you're distracted by the gorgeous mirror on the wall.

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