Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pretty Peacocks

Peacock feathers are just plain gorgeous, whether they're on the body or in the home. Let's start with their usage in interiors. I literally gasped when I saw this mirror. Insanely gorgeous. Then I got to thinking, where have I seen this before?

Then it hit me. Jonathan Adler used it in the best decorating book ever, Domino. Pictured below, he used it in Liz Lange's foyer. (who by the way designs Target maternity clothes that I would totally wear minus the bun in the oven.)

Really awesome peacock-inspired tablescape. Makes me want to throw a party!
I love the idea of using this wallpaper as an accent wall. So beautiful. I've also seen pillows with similar motifs.

Please don't kill me for talking about Christmas decorations already, but I can't help it, I got bit by the holiday bug already. This is for sure my inspiration for this year. Look at this tree! Craziness I tell you!
To go along with my peacock Christmas, Michaels has this collection below for Holiday 2009. I'm getting the car keys now.Let's switch gears to the fashion world. Milly's Fall 2009 collection featured peacock feathers galore. It's difficult to find these pieces now, since they're on sale, but you still might have some luck. I've seen some of the pieces at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. So cute, right?This has been a popular trend lately. Bird feather accents for your hair. Awesome idea for a dressy night on the town:

And finally, this long entry is coming to an end, but I have saved the best for last. The mother of all dresses:Apparently it was shown at a bridal show. This dress is seriously a piece of artwork, but if I wore this down the aisle, I think my fiance would run.
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