Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for This?

Seriously, are you ready for this? Perusing DomestiKated Life, I found something that can be extremely lethal to my income. It's a website called Shoes of Prey and you literally design every pair of shoes that you order. That's right, YOU design them! From heels to flats to wedges with all kinds of adornments and fabrics and heel heights. I'm already ordering this pair I designed:
They're cream fish scale tipped with black soft leather. Apparently, the materials they use are top-notch and when you order them, you can customize the shoe size to fit your feet exactly. I'm thinking about these babies, too. (It's gray snakeskin with Italian silk adornment)
This is what heaven must be like...
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Discovery

I just found this really awesome website and had to share with my lovely readers. It's a website called kuler. It allows you to upload a photo of your choosing, and it automatically generates a color palette from the image. So cool! Here's one I did:

You can move the little circles on the image to different colors to customize the palette. It even allows you to select a mood to get the exact color selections you're looking for.

I'm loving this one:
And one from a fashion magazine ad:

I could do this all day...
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Cobalt Love

Cobalt is one of the few hues of blue that I can pull off, in my opinion. Therefore, I love it. It's not too shabby in a home, either...

By the way, the first image is from an amazing street-style blog I just discovered called Vanessa Jackman. You have to check it out...
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sailor Stripes

Stripes are my best friend, especially if they're black and white or navy and white. We're finally docking our boat this weekend, so I'm feelin' a little sailory lately. And to me, what else says sailor better than navy and white stripes?

The chicest sailor girl I've ever seen:
 Image from Anthropologie

Image from Vanessa Jackman
 Image from Pearl Street Interiors
Image from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Image from DomestiKated Life
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mary McDonald

I recently discovered an amazing interior designer that inspired me to create my matching outfits. Her name is Mary McDonald and her company is based out of West Hollywood. You have to check out her portfolio! It's breathtaking. And get this. She's a former fashion student. No wonder her rooms are so awesome. Anyway, without futher ado, let's check out some of her interiors and the outfits to match:

Oh, and one more thing about Mary McDonald. All those images from Domino you constantly see on interior design blogs you can't get enough off. Designed by Mary. I love her!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Appeal of Skulls

Ok, I know this post is not going to be for everyone, and those who know me personally may think I've gone off the deep end. In my defense, I don't even think it's the skulls that I'm liking per se, but I think it's the element of the unexpected that's so appealing.
Lonny magazine
Designer Wallcoverings
Philip Barlow skull damask

Alexander McQueen was the king of using skulls in his designs. I think he was one of the few designers who could make them attractive to a wide range of fashionistas:
This top by Pencey may look like a sweet floral blouse, but if you look closer, there's little skulls in the center of the rose. Interesting...
Rika's clutch is just a touch more interesting with a skull for the clasp:
Like I said, I'm not advising everyone to jump on board the skull bandwagon. I'm just sayin' sometimes the unexpected can be just what the doctor ordered.
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Friday, April 23, 2010


So, I know I promised you posts on a fabulous reader's new apartment and images from my fiance's redesigned office. Truth is, things have been SO hectic since I've gotten back from the long weekend, and instead of slapping together crappy posts on the subjects, I'm going to hold off until next week. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you empty-handed. I've included a fashion + interior match I love. Gray and orange together is pure genius:
Happy weekend!

Images via Lucky and DecorPad
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sustainability is Our Friend

Happy Earth Day! In honor, let's explore the various options of sustainable fashions and interiors the design world has to offer us.

One of my favorite shopping sites, Shopbop, has a section dedicated to earth-friendly fashion. For some really strange reason, I like the stingray ring made of reclaimed metals. Don't ask me why...
The perfect gladiator inspired sandals, made just for Mother Earth. Just check out all the eco-friendly traits these babies boast:
■Cork and rubber footbed with chrome-free leather lining.
■Biodegradable latex foam within the footbed offers cushioning bliss.
■Bamboo heel with eco-friendly finish and recycled cork bottom.
■Recycled cork outsole offers amazing traction on a variety of surfaces.

From Zappos

I came across this really interesting sustainable fashion store called Green is Black.They only carry designers who have made a conscious effort to reduce their ecological footprints. Bravo to them. I really liked the dolman top by Nixxi:
There are some interior design companies that soley focus on sustainable interior design. There are tons of elements that go into creating an eco-friendly interior design, especially if you're using the LEED system. Check out this totally unique restaurant in Washington D.C. called Founding Farmers. It's our capital's first LEED rated restaurant. It's definitely on my list of places to eat next time I take a trip there:
Despite it's mass chain roots, Restoration Hardware has a number of pieces made from reclaimed materials. Like this parquet coffee table made from reclaimed elm:
Another aspect of sustainable design is reusing old furniture and scouring for antiques, even at places like Goodwill and local flea markets.
I've found some of THE best furniture at local yard sales. What's your favorite flea market find?
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High Point Reviews

Ciao readers! I missed you guys! High Point was amazing and I was so glad I made the trek down there to experience it. The resources I've discovered are invaluable. And, not one to keep secrets (unless it's an important one) here are just a few:

This first showroom was from a pillow designer based out of Brooklyn. (even the pillows are made there) Her name is Aviva Stanoff. She uses actual objects to press in the pillows, like baby's breath, coral, and ostrich feathers. Extremely unique and beautiful and I really loved the way she set up the showroom.

Next is a company from California called Bliss Studio. A major trend I noticed throughout the whole show was the use of sea-inspired decor. Their booth was all about it, and they even had fishing nets draped throughout the display. I loooooved it:

Julian Chichester's booth was breathtaking. I was beyond impressed at the look they accomplished in a temporary showroom (sorry, I used my iPhone, so the pics aren't the best)

One of my favorites, Regina Andrew, had every detail perfect, including the awesome wood flooring they used. I wanted EVERYTHING in there:

And one of the last I have images for (a friggin cold decided now would be the best time to rear it's ugly head, so I was dragging throughout the show) is a company called Revco International. I wanted all the accessories in their display, but found out it was only the furniture that was for sale.

I still have a TON of business cards and catalogs to sift through, so I'll keep you posted on the other great designers I've found. Going to High Point really solidified my decision to open Tendenza Fashion & Interiors. Has anyone else gone before?
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