Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dual Duties

Today's entry is all about double duty. With the recession finally coming towards an end, everyone is still in the mode of maximizing their dollar, and I have some great ideas for doing so!First we'll discuss interiors. The trend in homes is moving more and more away from the McMansions and more towards smaller homes. Less square footage means more of a challenge to maximize space. Below are some great ways to do so:

First we have a bathroom doubling as a dressing room (stay tuned for an entry on these). It's an awesome idea if you ask me. Jump outta the tub and there's your outfit waiting for you. Plus I'd love to marry this mirror, we'd be so happy together.
Next is an idea that I myself have even used. Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to a closet, but when it looks this cute, why not? I've even seen some designs where they've removed the closet doors and used pretty curtains to hide the office. Seriously an awesome idea to consider when you have nowhere for a desk.Finally, who doesn't want a library with a ladder in their house. Even if you never use the ladder, it's still awesome to have. But who really has a spare room to turn into an entire library? This has become a big trend; doubling your dining room as a library. Really, how many people even use a formal dining room anymore? For holidays and that's about it. Fashion has the same beautiful trait as dual interiors. It can be worn so many ways and turned into so many outfits. Like this Bouquet Satin Dress from Forever21. Easily worn to the office with a blazer and some tights, this baby can be transformed for a night on the town. Just remove the blazer/tights add some big jewels and some hot shoes and you're ready to go. Also looooove exposed zippers:

There's something about this skirt I love. Well first it's by a totally unattainable for me designer, Phillip Lim. Second, it's seasonless. And third, it has a really sweet twisted hem. It's designed for the Resort 2010 collection, but you could totally wear this in cooler weather. Add some cute tights and a pair of boots for now. When summer comes, slip into some sandals and go. (At Nordstrom, but I'm not diggin the snakeskin pumps paired with it.)

This entry is getting a little long, so I'll just quickly mention jersey dresses. Extremely versatile, some are designed to be worn multiple ways. For sure an investment piece. Thanks for reading!
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