Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check Out this Boutique!

My other goal in life is to someday open a boutique and continue to run my interior decorating business out of it. This boutique designed by David Hicks is my dream. How amazing is this place?? I feel that I will definitely be using this as my inspiration. It is the epitome of Hollywood Glamour, my favorite interior decorating style.
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Inspirational Interiors

Fashion has been who I am since I can remember. Sadly, where I live does not allow for this industry to be a pursuable career. That is why I have turned to Interior Design. They play off one another all the time. Trends in one field reflect trends in the other. My goal with my upcoming interior decorating business is to bring the world of fashion to the interiors of people's homes. This fabulously decorated dining room reflects an outfit I recently saw in Glamour. The outfit was by designer Jason Wu (designer of Michelle Obama's inauguration gown). I will have to dig up the outfit to prove my point and post at a later date.

I have now posted the matching outfit. Super cute, no?
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Philly Flower Show

Apparently, interiors isn't the only thing inspired by fashion. Check out these images taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Everything was made out of flowers. I was completely amazed and wanted to take these shoes home with me. The dress was pretty sweet, too.
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