Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lily's Living Space

I am soooo excited! My very first decorating job complete! (it still counts even though it was for my good friend, Lily, and that I didn't get paid) I hope she doesn't kill me for posting the before pic, but in her defense, the space came with all the furniture when she moved in. Check it out:I don't know why the picture came out so tiny, sorry! A major dilemma we had with this space was Moose's monstrosity of a dog crate. It was definitely an eye sore. I came up with a creative solution to hide it. We stuck it in the other corner, where guests don't normally enter the room, and put a small bookcase and chair in front of it. Wallah, no more dog crate! In addition, Lily had painted one accent wall a beautiful shade of blue. If you know Lily, you know her personality is very colorful and bold, so we decided to really convey that by painting the whole room blue, and leaving the wall at the t.v. tan. I think it came out awesome. The third element we needed to address was that she needed room for all her plants to come in for the winter. The living room receives the most light, which meant they all needed to live there. I love how they add to the look!
I can't take all the credit, Lily had a lot of creative input as well. I just kept her on track! (Lily, do you recall the pink mirror argument?) I also have to give her props for taking the photos. She did great! Here are some additional pics of her new space!

Pictured below is a reading corner we decided to create. The space is extremely long, so it's always a great idea to create little separate living spaces within a large one. It's also great to pull up when extra guests come to visit.
Lily found this beautiful rug from Anthropologie and I knew it had to go in this room:
Can you find the dog crate?

Lily had a really awesome desk that wasn't in the best possible area before. We created a little work area, without it being totally removed from the space:

Of course I had to think of an outfit that conveyed the same vibe as Lily's Living Space and here she is:Thanks again to Lily for letting me come into her home and letting me practice!
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