Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Chic

Happy Halloween everybody!! I love this holiday, I can't help it. I think it just makes me feel like a kid again, because I get all pumped to hand out (and eat) candy. However, this year I am attending Mask2Enter, my good friend's first annual Halloween bash. You have no idea how excited I am to get dressed up. I know, huge dork, but I am really unfathomed by anyone's thoughts. Anyway, I've been really helping my friend decorate her house, and we have some seriously sweet set-ups (thanks to Martha a tad; like the dry ice in a cauldron, soooo cool, can't wait to set it up!) I was roaming tons of websites for chic ideas, and got a lot of inspiration from the following:

And for some truly swanky Halloween fashion:

Check out Harper's Bazaar Tim Burton's Magical Fashion shoot. The models are all decked out in LV, YSL, Gucci, etc. Can you say awesome?

Click here for the full photo shoot.

Finally, what would a chic Halloween be without a Coco Chanel carved pumpkin? Enjoy your spooky day!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fantastic Furs (Faux of Couse!)

I am really into furs this season, and with good reason. Have you been out there shopping?? You can get beautiful faux options everywhere! I just purchased a really cute jacket at Target for $39.99. Forever21 and H&M also have sweet options, as well. Below are images from a Sept. 09 photo shoot done for Marie Claire. Just put every outfit in my closet, thanks!

Click here for the full photo shoot.

And what would Fashionable Interiors be without some interiors? I just bought an awesome faux fur chocolate brown rug for my guest room, and I feel like it was that last accessory that makes the outfit. (and it was a total steal at T.J. Maxx for $14.99) Check out how the rooms below incorporate fur into the design.:

This chair is a little nutso, but I could totally see it in a lodge in Aspen, no?

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Menswear Inspiration

Over the weekend, I had a fabulous time with my girlies in NYC. I found this sweet hotel in the Financial District called Gild Hall. It's part of the Thompson hotels, which are all fabulously decorated. The pics online definitely did it justice. The place was awesome. It was very manly lodge meets drawing room. Our room had this mirror in it that I've been searching for FOREVER, but they are soooo expensive. Does anyone know the exact name of them? I've heard it referred to as an Expedition Mirror.
So without further ado, here are some images of this amazing Gild Hall I speak of, and of course, the everpresent fashion matches:

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart is such a cute designer and her home in NYC was recently featured in Elle Decor. I love when Elle Decor does this, because it's so fun to see if their interior tastes reflect their fashion design work. You be the judge:

Pieces from Jill Stuart's Fall 09 Collection:

In case you weren't sure, YES her fashion collections totally reflect her interior design. Sorry, but did you really think I could resist offering my own opinion?

To check out the full article, click below:

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mad for Plaid

It's no secret that plaid is making a comeback this fall in a big way. Not only with fashion, but with home decor, as well. I know, when I think of plaid, I think of lumberjacks and cheesy cabin home decor, but trust me! It's done in a way chic way. Check it out:

Plaid designs, done on contemporary furniture and as an accent wall. I'll take it!

Love this idea. The floor is done in a plaid motif. It looks awesome in this kitchen, especially when it's the main showpiece of the space.

If you're concerned about looking like you're wearing your Christmas P.J.s from when you were a kid, just try it out with an accent piece, like this scarf:
Almost bought this dress, but I'll probably wait for a sale, even though it's only $59.50! Tip: If the short sleeves bother you for winter, try this hot new trend. Put a thin black turtleneck underneath and rock it. Just remember it has to be *thin* so it won't look bulky.
At first glance, this Mike & Chris blouse has got the plaid trend, the military button style and the ruffle trend going on. A bit much, but when paired with the right outfit combo, it's super cute.
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