Monday, November 30, 2009

Tartan Tidings

Here comes Santa!! I've made myself wait until after Thanksgiving to get super pumped for Christmas, and it's finally here!! I always associate tartan with Christmas. It's definitely applicable for other parts of the year, but totally in vogue right now.
Want some tartan on the cheap? Check out this skirt at Forever21. This can definitely get school girl like, but when it's shaped like a pencil skirt, there are no worries:
Gap definitely jumped on the tartan bandwagon for Christmas. Here's a piece from the collection. The little ruffles on the placket add just the right amount of girl:Oh Ralph Lauren, you sure love your tartan. Who knew it could be so sexy? (at Bloomingdales)How badly do you want to be in that chaise right now? Especially if you're here where I am on a rainy cold day like today. I'll take 2 scoops of sugar in that tea, thank you!Such an inviting set-up. I could totally eat some pot roast at that table right now.I really love this lamp. It has just the right amount of juxtaposition with the tartan shade and the glam crystally base.

Hope every one's getting a head start on their Christmas decorating!
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