Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Return of Mad Men

YAY! One of my favorite shows that I have been waiting for since FEBRUARY is returning August 16th. Anybody who is mad for Mad Men knows exactly what I'm talking about. So as a special tribute to the new season, I've decided to post some of the fashions of both clothing and interiors of the 1960s. I won't take all the credit, House Beautiful's website helped me out.

Below is a living room that was featured in House Beautiful in the 1960s. I would definitely use those chairs still today.
Wood paneling was very popular in the 60s. I actually enjoy it, but not so much the avocado green...This bedroom is a little hilarious. Wallpaper was really big at this time, and it's definitely coming back. However in the forms of accent walls, not an entire room including the bed...
And now for the fashion. I must say the main reason I really got into Mad Men was because I loved to see what the girls would be wearing in every episode. Check it out:

Looove that green dress. I'd wear it tomorrow...(well not really I have to work tomorrow and that's a bit much for the office)
January Jones rocking the blue coat. I totally have a cobalt coat on my list for Fall, since I missed the boat last year, sadly.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tory Burch Tablescape

I was thrilled to open the new issue of House Beautiful and find that one of my favorite designers made a guest appearance. Tory Burch's style is a bit Lilly Pullitzer, but more refined. I practically live in her classic Reva flats, too. This tablescape she designed is so reflective of her clothing line. Just see for yourself!I love the little oystery salt dish aaa lot! I would most likely use it for jewelry.
These are some pieces from her new line. Colors look familiar, eh?

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