Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Day to Enter!

Today's the last day to become a follower and be entered to win the MiMi by Sorrelli necklace! I want to thank you all so so much for your support in becoming a follower of Fashionable Interiors. I really wish I could give you all this necklace! And a special thanks to Anne from the City Sage for promoting my give away. She really is amazing! I'd also like to thank (I'm preparing for my Oscar speech someday) Lily and Rebecca from Sorrelli. So get following, anyone who hasn't, and those of you who are, good luck! I will announce the winner on Monday.

Oh, and by the way, next week is Fall 2010 Fashion Week on Fashionable Interiors! I know what you're thinking, the last thing we want is to look at warm apparel, but I didn't make the runway rules. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milly Spring 2010 Collection

I figured since I was talking about the Spring 2010 Milly pieces all the time, I might as well get it out there and talk about the whole collection. It was just launched in stores on February 10th. Michelle Smith, founder of Milly, was quoted saying: "It sounds funny," Smith, best known for her bright sixties-inspired shifts, said backstage today, "but basing a whole collection around the color black felt really fresh and unexpected." Everyone was also super excited to see the launch of her jewelry collection. And I was super excited to see what interiors I could find to match her collection:

The black sock thing intrigued me, but I don't believe I'll be translating into my wardrobe this Spring. I think it's safe to say Michelle Smith is one of my top favorite designers. I posted about her studio way back when I first starting writing my blog, and it's just as cute as her designs. To see the full collection, click here. Anyone else loving the collection as much as me?

P.S. One more day to enter the giveaway!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Agate Temptations

I always get sucked in when I come across agate crystals. The rawness combined with the sparkles encompasses the juxtaposition of design I love so much.

This ring is in my shopping cart as we speak. From Urban Outfitters for $18!!

I just found this super cute jewelry line from, crazy I know, the Home Shopping Network. She has the cutest stuff, including this amazing necklace for $29.95 (Glow by Sheila Fajil):
Let's all drool over this Frank Gehry for Tiffany's brown agate bangle together. It's $1800, but to be fair, I did just show you some totally affordable options.
I've come across these agate bookends at TJ Maxx and I could kick myself for not getting them (even though I had nowhere for them).

Don't they look awesome on this shelf?
Wow your guests at your next party. I know they are way prettier than the coasters I have at home. Maybe if I get them, my fiance will actually use it. Ah, who am I kidding... (available at Velocity)
And to add to my lamp fetish, I came across these awe-inspiring lamps:

Only 2 more days to enter the MiMi by Sorrelli give-away!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Who knew a zig zag pattern could look so good?

Here is my problem. I think of ideas for my posts in the middle of the night and half work on them the next day so I don't forget them. Then I go to actually write the post, and can't remember where I found images, like this awesome vase. I vow to stop doing this heinous blog crime:

You can still achieve a muted chevron pattern, like this boutique's wood flooring. It's just enough to make you look twice:
These designs are go big or go home:

Want to get this accent look at home? Check out the blog, Sabbe, for a full tutorial on how to do this to your wall:
I know I've been talking about Milly incessantly, but their designs have been amazing:

And this is headless me! I wore this to work last week, and guess where I got it? Target for $13!! I was feeling a little bolder than usual; otherwise I would have paired it with a black blazer or sweater to help mute the pattern a little.
And one final thing to salivate over:
P.S. Don't forget to enter the MiMi by Sorrelli necklace give-away!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorrelli Giveaway!

Fashionable Interiors is about to make your Monday a whole lot better. Remember the Sorrelli pieces I referred to from the Feeling the Industrial Chic Vibe post? Here's your chance to win this necklace from their new MiMi collection! All you have to do is become a follower of my blog, and you're automatically entered. That's it! You have until the end of this week, Friday February 26th 11:59 p.m. eastern time. What are you waiting for??
What I'd pair my lovely winnings with:

And let's not forget, a room to match:
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tortoise is our Friend

After yesterday's post with the tortoise shell print coffee table, you know I just had to explore further. There's something about it that connotes a certain air of prestige. I completely forgot about the Pier1 lamp I've been drooling over since the day we met at the store a month ago. The website only had the floor version, but lucky for me I took a pic with my phone at the store: Such a cute vignette with the map in the background, etc. Tip I learned in class: always decorate in odd numbered groups, like these 3 vases. It's much more appealing to the eye.
Let's just hope this is not real, because it's entirely possible to get a fake tortoise shell, but doesn't it add something fun to the room?
I gasped when I saw this tortoise shell mirror. So amazing!

I almost purchased these in the pump version when they were on sale, but restrained myself. J.Crew still has the flats available:
I wear my Michael Kors watch religiously. It's the best watch I've ever owned, and now I may need to add another to the collection: (it's also available in an all brown version)
Remember the UK Store Asos I talked about? Check out this ring for $14!
The definition of a well designed clutch, by none other, Stella McCartney. This bag wouldn't have been near as sweet if it didn't have the tortoise clasp.I've been on a mission for the perfect pair of tortoise glasses for months. I think I found a cute Burberry pair, but am still undecided. These are by Ray-Ban, a little different from my style, but I can still appreciate:
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zebra Accents

Zebra prints are such a fun way of incorporating some black and white into you life. See what I mean:
If the owner of this lovely little living space had decided to put the chair anywhere else, this design would not have been near as cool: Now this is bold. We're not talkin, oooo I'm so crazy, I added a zebra throw pillow to my couch, this is I slapped zebra print all over my walls and then threw in a tortoise print coffee table for good measure. And it totally works. (P.S. I am on the hunt for that coffee table as we speak...)

The zebra print throw rug added in this space gives it such an amazing face lift. Love the barcelona chairs back to back with the couch. It creates two living spaces in one big room:

Ah, zebra in the fashion world. This can get a little scary. Which is why I prefer to use this print as an accent to my outfit, i.e. a little blouse peeking out of a sweater or blazer, etc.

DVF scarf from Shopbop, but I'd wait for a sale:
I actually really like this bag, and it's only $25 at New York & Company! Really cute, no?
And for just a touch of wild, these cute Tory Burch flip-flops. Let's cross our fingers and hope we can wear them soon:
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Rope Details

This lovely little weaving of rope has been catching my eye lately. After this post, I'll bet it will be catching yours, too!

I could not find who was the maker of this awesome server ware, but Jayson Home & Garden has a similar tray that's a little too pricey for my wallet. But this store is really amazing, regardless.
Tom Felicia's nautical inspired pad:

If I had a beach house, this is what would be happening:

William & Sonoma Home's crisp, hotel-esque rope sheets:As stated in an earlier post, Milly's spring collection is swoon-worthy. The rope trim on this shift would be my go-to swimsuit cover-up. Banana Republic's rope belt (P.S. 25% off President's Day Sale ends today!):
Has anyone ever been to It's based out of the UK, but their clothes are beautiful and the price-tags are even more attractive. Love this swimsuit for $40!
Cutest flats ever for $14.99? Sold. (at Charlotte Russe)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a romantic Valentine's Day this weekend! (Even if it's with your best bud or dog.)I've included some lovely images to commemorate the day:

These images are from the Valentine's Day tea party I threw last year for my girlies:

How unexpected is this rug?

And some hottie dresses:

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