Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Chic

Happy Halloween everybody!! I love this holiday, I can't help it. I think it just makes me feel like a kid again, because I get all pumped to hand out (and eat) candy. However, this year I am attending Mask2Enter, my good friend's first annual Halloween bash. You have no idea how excited I am to get dressed up. I know, huge dork, but I am really unfathomed by anyone's thoughts. Anyway, I've been really helping my friend decorate her house, and we have some seriously sweet set-ups (thanks to Martha a tad; like the dry ice in a cauldron, soooo cool, can't wait to set it up!) I was roaming tons of websites for chic ideas, and got a lot of inspiration from the following:

And for some truly swanky Halloween fashion:

Check out Harper's Bazaar Tim Burton's Magical Fashion shoot. The models are all decked out in LV, YSL, Gucci, etc. Can you say awesome?

Click here for the full photo shoot.

Finally, what would a chic Halloween be without a Coco Chanel carved pumpkin? Enjoy your spooky day!

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