Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sustainability is Our Friend

Happy Earth Day! In honor, let's explore the various options of sustainable fashions and interiors the design world has to offer us.

One of my favorite shopping sites, Shopbop, has a section dedicated to earth-friendly fashion. For some really strange reason, I like the stingray ring made of reclaimed metals. Don't ask me why...
The perfect gladiator inspired sandals, made just for Mother Earth. Just check out all the eco-friendly traits these babies boast:
■Cork and rubber footbed with chrome-free leather lining.
■Biodegradable latex foam within the footbed offers cushioning bliss.
■Bamboo heel with eco-friendly finish and recycled cork bottom.
■Recycled cork outsole offers amazing traction on a variety of surfaces.

From Zappos

I came across this really interesting sustainable fashion store called Green is Black.They only carry designers who have made a conscious effort to reduce their ecological footprints. Bravo to them. I really liked the dolman top by Nixxi:
There are some interior design companies that soley focus on sustainable interior design. There are tons of elements that go into creating an eco-friendly interior design, especially if you're using the LEED system. Check out this totally unique restaurant in Washington D.C. called Founding Farmers. It's our capital's first LEED rated restaurant. It's definitely on my list of places to eat next time I take a trip there:
Despite it's mass chain roots, Restoration Hardware has a number of pieces made from reclaimed materials. Like this parquet coffee table made from reclaimed elm:
Another aspect of sustainable design is reusing old furniture and scouring for antiques, even at places like Goodwill and local flea markets.
I've found some of THE best furniture at local yard sales. What's your favorite flea market find?
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