Monday, April 26, 2010

The Appeal of Skulls

Ok, I know this post is not going to be for everyone, and those who know me personally may think I've gone off the deep end. In my defense, I don't even think it's the skulls that I'm liking per se, but I think it's the element of the unexpected that's so appealing.
Lonny magazine
Designer Wallcoverings
Philip Barlow skull damask

Alexander McQueen was the king of using skulls in his designs. I think he was one of the few designers who could make them attractive to a wide range of fashionistas:
This top by Pencey may look like a sweet floral blouse, but if you look closer, there's little skulls in the center of the rose. Interesting...
Rika's clutch is just a touch more interesting with a skull for the clasp:
Like I said, I'm not advising everyone to jump on board the skull bandwagon. I'm just sayin' sometimes the unexpected can be just what the doctor ordered.
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  1. Love skull items! Especially the damask skull print. Such an unexpected touch to a classic pattern. Would also love that blouse to wear with my fave black skinny jeans! Cute!

  2. Black skinny jeans would be perfect with the blouse!

  3. I love the wallpaper! So unexpected... also dying for a McQueen scarf- just too much $$ for me right now.