Thursday, April 8, 2010

Papillon Inspiration

Now that Spring has sprung, our lovely butterfly friends should be making an appearance any day now. In the meantime, check out how these beautiful creatures have influenced our design world. (P.S. Like how I called this post Papillon? I'm practicing my French for the honeymoon!)

I could kick myself. A few weeks ago, Target had the cutest silver 3-d butterflies to hang on your wall on massive clearance. Of course, I didn't buy them. They would have been perfect in my guest bath. I love what's happening in this bedroom:

The iconic butterfly chair. I'd love to own one in a cow print or a worn leather.
Isn't the print on this wall so pretty? I'd love to hang some butterfly prints in my bedroom at home, but haven't found the right ones, yet.
I came across these butterflies mounted at an awesome boutique in Boston called Good. A mere $775! I'll try my luck with Ebay or Etsy.
These Prada butterfly sunglasses are all the rage right now.
I literally gasped when I saw these necklaces by Judy Hudson. Of course they have to be at Barneys and of course they have to be $1750.
This has become quite the expensive shopping trip I'm taking you on, but we can all dream, no?
And finally, the mother of all dresses:
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  1. that first bedroom is gorgeous! i never thought of putting framed butterflies in the bathroom...but i just may try it...

  2. I know, isn't that bedroom great! So glam...