Monday, April 12, 2010

Creatures of the Sea

I know I'm being a bit ambitious as far as weather is concerned, but wouldn't it be nice to dip your toes in the ocean right now? I am anxiously awaiting my first trip to the beach, but in the meantime, let's take a trip there via Fashionable Interiors.

I've had this image in my inspiration folder for so long. It's from Elle Decor and I love it so much because of the beautiful myriad of sea finds in the case. You could even use an old fish tank (ensuring it's attractive) and load it up with fun shells, corals, sea fans, etc.  Walah! Instant fish tank minus the dirty water, having to feed the fish, and occasionally saying goodbye with the flush of a toilet.
A serious conversation piece, the mirror is made of oyster shells. From Wisteria:
Host your next tea party with this sea inspired set from Anthro:
The most glam shells I've ever seen. I'm picturing the super chic beach house these would go in. From Horchow.
Have you seen these shell rings by Mesi Jilly? Breathtaking:
The most unique evening bag ever.
A little bit of the sea right on your flip flop, by Nanette Lepore:
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