Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cynthia Steffe's Cottage

I was pleased to see Cynthia Steffe's little guest house cottage featured in May's issue of Country Living. I was even more pleased to read her comment in the article. "Putting together a house is like putting together a fashion collection. It's about color, texture, proportion. Like you'd say, 'Is this tunic two inches too long?' you wonder, 'Does this chair look right in that corner?'' Right on Cynthia! She must be reading Fashionable Interiors. The article also mentions that she approached the in-shambles home as she would piles of apparel fabric. Let's explore further:
I must admit, I'm not an avid follower of the Cynthia Steffe fashion collections, but the Fall 2010 collection was actually quite good, even though she's no longer with the company (strange, I know). Apparently she has a yet to be announced fashion venture. Even though she's not the designer, I still notice a bit of a country-cottage vibe to the pieces, don't you?

To see the full Fall 2010 collection, click here.
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