Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Fall Wedding

Ok, so after seeing all these inspiration boards, I couldn't miss out on all the fun. I did this really quickly since technically I'm supposed to be working. Excuse me, but I think my wedding is a little more important. Anyway, here's my little board reflecting my wedding:

And while digging through some of my wedding images, I forgot about this. If I could have a wedding where my mom agreed with me on everything instead of nothing, this would be it.
All images via Style Me Pretty

On a completey unrelated note, check out Habitually Chic's recent post on J.Crew's Fall 2010 behind the scenes photo shoot, which she attended in person. Can you say jealous?
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  1. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see more :)

    And yes...I was uber jealz of her for the behind the scenes photo shoot for JCrew!

  2. The Vera Wang dress is gorgeous. I love the colors and designs, they are so classy and elegant. You have great taste - I will have to keep you in mind when I get married and/or want my house decorated.

  3. Try using acorns for centerpeices and leaves. They are cheap and make great natural centerpeices.