Thursday, April 1, 2010

Current Obsession

Whenever I have something on my mind, I need to share it, and thankfully I have lovely readers to appreciate! (Lord knows my fiance doesn't) I've been dreaming about 2 things right now, lucky for us in both the fashion and interior designs realms. First, let's talk about L.L. Bean's new signature line. These pieces have me more than anxious to get our boat in the water. Isn't it funny how I am inspired to partake in certain activities in order to dress the part? 

And this bag; it will be in my dreams when I go to bed tonight. There's nothing better than snagging something that looks like you've had it forever.
Now to my other love, interiors. I just got the new West Elm catalog yesterday and will most definitely be purchasing pieces from their Patch NYC collection.
Aren't they awesome prints? I'm thinking about picking up some pillows with the metallic foil accents. So pretty...
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  1. Had never heard of LL Bean Signature. There was a great Madras dress but it is sold out in my size! Wish I had known sooner!

    First time on your blog! It is great!