Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Who knew a zig zag pattern could look so good?

Here is my problem. I think of ideas for my posts in the middle of the night and half work on them the next day so I don't forget them. Then I go to actually write the post, and can't remember where I found images, like this awesome vase. I vow to stop doing this heinous blog crime:

You can still achieve a muted chevron pattern, like this boutique's wood flooring. It's just enough to make you look twice:
These designs are go big or go home:

Want to get this accent look at home? Check out the blog, Sabbe, for a full tutorial on how to do this to your wall:
I know I've been talking about Milly incessantly, but their designs have been amazing:

And this is headless me! I wore this to work last week, and guess where I got it? Target for $13!! I was feeling a little bolder than usual; otherwise I would have paired it with a black blazer or sweater to help mute the pattern a little.
And one final thing to salivate over:
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