Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tortoise is our Friend

After yesterday's post with the tortoise shell print coffee table, you know I just had to explore further. There's something about it that connotes a certain air of prestige. I completely forgot about the Pier1 lamp I've been drooling over since the day we met at the store a month ago. The website only had the floor version, but lucky for me I took a pic with my phone at the store: Such a cute vignette with the map in the background, etc. Tip I learned in class: always decorate in odd numbered groups, like these 3 vases. It's much more appealing to the eye.
Let's just hope this is not real, because it's entirely possible to get a fake tortoise shell, but doesn't it add something fun to the room?
I gasped when I saw this tortoise shell mirror. So amazing!

I almost purchased these in the pump version when they were on sale, but restrained myself. J.Crew still has the flats available:
I wear my Michael Kors watch religiously. It's the best watch I've ever owned, and now I may need to add another to the collection: (it's also available in an all brown version)
Remember the UK Store Asos I talked about? Check out this ring for $14!
The definition of a well designed clutch, by none other, Stella McCartney. This bag wouldn't have been near as sweet if it didn't have the tortoise clasp.I've been on a mission for the perfect pair of tortoise glasses for months. I think I found a cute Burberry pair, but am still undecided. These are by Ray-Ban, a little different from my style, but I can still appreciate:
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