Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zebra Accents

Zebra prints are such a fun way of incorporating some black and white into you life. See what I mean:
If the owner of this lovely little living space had decided to put the chair anywhere else, this design would not have been near as cool: Now this is bold. We're not talkin, oooo I'm so crazy, I added a zebra throw pillow to my couch, this is I slapped zebra print all over my walls and then threw in a tortoise print coffee table for good measure. And it totally works. (P.S. I am on the hunt for that coffee table as we speak...)

The zebra print throw rug added in this space gives it such an amazing face lift. Love the barcelona chairs back to back with the couch. It creates two living spaces in one big room:

Ah, zebra in the fashion world. This can get a little scary. Which is why I prefer to use this print as an accent to my outfit, i.e. a little blouse peeking out of a sweater or blazer, etc.

DVF scarf from Shopbop, but I'd wait for a sale:
I actually really like this bag, and it's only $25 at New York & Company! Really cute, no?
And for just a touch of wild, these cute Tory Burch flip-flops. Let's cross our fingers and hope we can wear them soon:
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