Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Hot for 2010: Fashion

I have never been more excited for warmer weather than I am this year. I'm not sure why, potentially because I think our winter here in PA has been way colder than in previous years. I'm good with the first couple snowfalls, but now I'm ready for sunglasses and my floppy beach hat. I'm definitely looking forward to the styles of 2010, but first, check out who gave the 2009 style awards to. I have to say, I'm in agreeance with their choices.

Ok so, what will we all be wearing this year? Keep reading to find out.
Don't be freaked out, you can wear sheer tastefully. The fashion world is advising: "keep the color palette minimal to allow the detailing to shine."

Graphic Black & White

OOOO I am so excited for this. I have loved wearing black and white since I believe I was 5. The key here is to wear something with a graphic print and pair it with a solid, i.e. striped shirt/black pants, etc.

Slouchy Silk Menswear
A very intriguing concept. The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing the philosophy behind many of my interior designs is juxtaposition. I love to incorporate opposites into one design and this trend fits right in. Taking masculine apparel and using a feminine fabric is pure genius.
Lingerie Detailing
This trend gets an update, with darker hues and bolder designs. Do I necessarily love this? I'm thinking it may need to grow on me.


This trend is seemingly becoming a staple, but this time around according to Lucky magazine: there is a focus on interesting, architectural lines on classic silhouettes. They recommend using the trend to highlight your best assets with bright pops of color and concealing the rest with a neutral like black.

What do you think you'll be wearing this year?
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