Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interior Inspiration: Wedding

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday, things got a little crazy! I freaked out a little bit when I realized this past weekend that my wedding is in 9 months. I have no idea how that crept up on me, but it did. So I spent most of the weekend flipping through all my wedding mags I've collected and refining all the details. In Brides Philadelphia, I came across something that made me so excited. A couple was having a difficult time finding their wedding style, so they looked to their apartment decor for inspiration. Their apartment interior design united clean lines with vibrant colors and ornate flourishes.

Her gown inspiration was taken from the cream colored walls adorned with frames arranged in perfect rows and capped with crown molding. The gown has the same clean, structured feel:

This dress was her favorite outfit, so they used this as the cake's inspiration. Looks so cute! Their invitations were taken from all the vintage postcards they collected and displayed around their apartment. The flower colors were designed around the painting in their home, that the bride actually painted.
I definitely can't turn to inspiration for my wedding from my house (the colors are definitely not something I'd pick for my wedding) but the plums and golds from this room are talking to me for sure. I'm going for a more darker eggplant purple, but you get the idea:

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