Friday, January 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Who else is as pumped as I am about the Alice in Wonderland movie by all time best fantasy director Tim Burton? Come on, put those hands up, I know you wanna! Really, who else could have been more perfect for the part? And the set design in the movie is going to be amazing.

Alice in Wonderland has been so inspiring to both the fashion and design world for so many reasons. For me, a major source of inspiration is the color. Just look at this amazing usage from an earlier version:
I see a million color palette options in just this one image. Check out this funky home decor to inspire an Alice in Wonderland theme:
This teacup lamp is from Anthro, but you could make your own and save the $200.
Yes, this is a real door. I couldn't find the information about purchasing it, but it is a real thing.
The following furniture is totally impractical, but hilarious:

I also found some amazing Vogue photo shoots with Alice in Wonderland inspiration:

In the newest issue of Marie Claire, they also featured a spread on Alice, so be sure to check that out. Have a great weekend friends!
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  1. I am obsessed with alice