Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pops of Neon

I was excited to find the January issue of Elle Decor in my mailbox last night, but even more excited to see a spread on the growing trend of neon in both interiors and fashion. A word of advice for both: If you're putting neon to use, ensure there are some parts of the design that are neutral. Otherwise you run the risk of burning some one's retinas.

I thought I'd do a little research on my own, and came up with some awesome finds:
How awesome would this kitchen be in a beach house?? The cabinets are totally loud, but like I mentioned, they've toned down the other aspects of the kitchen, i.e. the blinds, and the island and chairs so it works perfectly. Also loooove the chandelier.
This is a crazy dining room, but something about it is so appealing. I love how the wallpaper wraps into the built in bookcase.
Pops of neon in this space are unobtrusive thanks to the white table,wall, and floors.
Pretty to look at, but for the normal girls like us, it's a tricky look to pull off.May I suggest:
A simple neon green tee with an accented orange bag is all you need to incorporate this trend:
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