Friday, December 18, 2009

Croc Appeal

If you're interested in adding a little bit of lux to your life, croc patterns are just the answer. And the awesome thing about it is, who the heck knows if it's real or fake without really examining it? No one.

How lux does this look? Serving martinis on croc-embossed trays? I'll take one, thanks.
A very interesting accent, the croc stripe running through this bathroom looks amazing.Why not opt for the whole package? I don't know how ready I'd be to slap a huge piece of crocodile artwork on my wall, but in this room it somehow works.
Ooooo so pretty. (everything is faux, don't worry) You could be wearing the most hideous outfit ever, and the second you put these gloves on, no one would even notice you got dressed in the dark. At SaksWant to play guess how much I cost?On sale at Kohls for $20.40. I won't tell a soul...

It's not always the embossed croc material that's appealing. It's also the pattern. Check out this dress designed by Catherine Malandrino:

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