Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nautical Niceties

I know this does go along with the red, white and blue theme a little, but in my eyes nautical inspiration is a whole other ballgame. First let's discuss the decor. How cute would these rooms be in a beach house?? The traditional beach house decor is cheesy seashells everywhere and pale blue walls, etc. BLAH... I definitely love these ideas waaay more. They do include some shells, which is an essential, just not in a tacky manner. The first two images are from Country Living:

These images are from a home in Nantucket. Oh how I'd love this to be my home:

To see more of this Nantucket Home, click here.
Now for the fashion! My fiance has a boat that he is sooo obsessed with I can't stand it. However, these cute pieces could inspire me to take a ride on the boat more often!

Can you believe all 3 pieces above are from American Eagle?? I need to go back to my high school roots and start shopping there again!

Check out these earrings from a jeweler I never heard of (click here for website)
And finally, check out JcPenney's line American Living:

Ok I need to stop, but you MUST check out this super cute summer line at JCP. Sorry for the long post, I was just extremely inspired!
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