Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fashion-Forward Beverly Hills Bungalow

Sometimes a neutral color palette can be so refreshing, yet trendy. Below is a home designed by Mary McGee and it's described as "a glammed out treehouse". Whoa! A treehouse? I always wanted one of those...Anyway, she definitely achieved her desire to make her home glamorous:
Check out that mirror on mirror layered look. Sweet!
I love the lucite chair thrown into the mix. I think I need to purchase one of these. Anyone know where I could get one on the cheap?

Ok so everyone knows about my little J.Crew obsession and a portion of their fall collection has just arrived. Some things I've been slightly drooling over, but regardless they have some of their new outfits that I thought went perfectly with the rooms above:

I'm feeling the need to wear a serene neutral outfit tomorrow. To see more of the glam treehouse, click on the link below:
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