Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A J.Crew Spring

So J.Crew has been not so awesome for me lately. Did you see the latest catalog?? There was a super hot model that they dressed in some seriously unflattering outfits with boxer shorts sticking out of the top of her shorts. I get it. That's their thing / Jenna's thing. But really, I think the diversity could be toned down just a bit. And the fact that she painted her son's toenails hot pink is just weird to me. I don't know about you guys, but to me, totally weird. Anyway, I am however in love with some of their outfits currently on their site. And I've provided some lovely interiors to match:

I have been searching since last year for the perfect pair of scalloped hem shorts. Of course, J.Crew doesn't have my size online, but maybe if I stalk their stores, I can find them.

I don't think the orange pair is my thing, but she looks super cute:

A little nautical inspiration is good for everyone: 

Sorry for the terrible lineup of photos. Blogger wasn't cooperating today.

UPDATE: If you google the whole Jenna Lyons toenail painting thing, there's quite a bit of controversy. Check this one out:
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  1. pretty pairings! i love the 2nd one. j.crew every season hits it out of the park!