Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feminine Tough

I love how both these photos share a common element of feminine tough. In the street style shot, she's in all black with a bad ass leather jacket on, and the softest, most pretty feminine hairstyle and makeup ever. LOVE it. Same goes for the Kelly Wearstler designed entry. Tough black floors and staircase with girly pink doors and stools.

P.S. Since my life is so full of nothing to do (detect the sarcasm?) I've decided to repaint my kitchen cabinets. I'm going to use the new Rustoleum product. Has anyone tried it yet? I'm nervous! I'm putting together a design board now for the transformation of my kitchen and will be sure to share when it's complete!
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  1. Love the contrast of the black/tough/edgy look mixed with the feminine pinks and soft hair.

    Can't wait to see your design board for your kitchen cabinets.

  2. agree with the above comment - i've never thought of black with pinks & golds, but it looks so pretty, love it!

    katie x