Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spotted: Butterfly Wall

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, you could totally hear the voice of GG reading the title to this post. I thought I was quite clever, but I may be the only one thinking this. Anyway, Serena's room is looking quite awesome and I was thinking to myself, "where have I seen that butterfly design on her wall before??"

Then I remembered I blogged about butterflies before, and included this room:

After a little research, I found out this butterfly design is by Paul Villinski and he indeed designed the wall for Serena's room. I'm such a Sherlock Holmes.

Here's Serena's room:

And here is another design he's done. SO beautiful!

He actually makes them from old beer cans he finds in New York! I have to get my hands on these for my next project...

UPDATE: Check out my butterfly wall design in my office!
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  1. so cool! i love Serena's room...the interior decorator/stylist on that show is awesome.

  2. where can i find this butterfly?

  3. AHHHH Ive been trying to find there for ages, theyr just amazing! so glad i found your blog definitely following now!

  4. I created mine using butterflies from it was super easy to and I made mine to look like a Rainbow spiral