Friday, July 1, 2011

Butterfly Wall

I think my highest rank post each month on my blog is the one about the butterfly wall. I've been meaning to use this somewhere in one of my designs, and thought to myself, why not do it in my own office? And so I did. I searched Etsy for 3D butterflies and found loads of options. I chose black, obvi, and anxiously awaited their arrival. They came yesterday and here is how I installed them:

First, I found inspiration in this installation and decided to go for this look:

Then I layed out a piece of paper and made dots where all my holes would be. You just need a thumbtack to push holes in the walls and then the butterflies are backed with a little bendable rod to push them in

Luigi was watching me very intently:

Then, I taped the paper to the wall, made my holes, took the paper down, and walah! Beautiful wall art behind my desk:

I installed it a little higher than the bookcase since I plan on eventually putting frames, etc. on the top of it.
I love how when I sit at my desk, I can see them in the mirror:

Also, my awesome mom brought me a bouquet of hydrangeas from her garden for my office! I just love how fresh flowers can brighten your mood.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to see my new nephew and cannot wait!!
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  1. It's amazing.. fantastic idea for my living room wall. If we installed a colorful butterflies on wall then it will be a somewhat different idea. Congrats for posting beautiful post.
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