Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovely Reader's Apartment

A few weeks back, I got an amazing email from a reader saying how she enjoyed reading Fashionable Interiors and looked to it for inspiration for her new apartment. I don't have to tell you how touched I was by this, because (fellow bloggers, I'm sure you can relate) sometimes you wonder if all the effort you put into your blog is worth it. Her name is Nell and she's just signed the lease for her first apartment ever in Atlanta. I told her to send some pics so all of us could offer some fun decorating advice! So here are some of the images she sent:

Ok, so when she said she signed the lease for her first apartment, I was thinking we'll need to give her tons of advice for some TLC. Uh, so wrong. This kitchen is GORGEOUS! I'd say she hit the jackpot...
This is the living area, which looks as if it blends into the kitchen. My advice here is to create some sort of delineation with a couch or other piece of furniture. That way, she can create two separate living areas within one. And I think the bar stools would be perfect so that a dining table doesn't need to take up valuable space:
And again, we have another renter's dream. A beautiful bathroom. My only suggestion would be to paint it a fun girly color. Since it's just her living in the apartment, she can take full advantage of not having to cater to a guy's taste. Yea, I'd say she's pretty lucky...
I also LOVE her patio. And when you're living in a space that you need to maximize every inch of square footage, outdoor living becomes essential. I say get some pretty plants and and a little bistro set out here asap!

Nell recently sent me this picture of the living area as she's moving in. She ended up returning the couch because she was concerned it was too big for the space. I have to agree with her, especially in relation to the side tables she's pairing it with. Do you agree?
As most likely ALL of us have done at one point, Nell is "borrowing" furniture from her parents house until she can find everything she's looking for. I asked her a little more about what style/look she wanted to accomplish so we could have a better understanding. She says she's looking for chic and glamorous, but also have a comfy and cozy feel. She also likes to mix vintage with  modern pieces, which I feel makes for the best look. Nell's fashion sense is girly, but edgy at times. This outfit worn by Anne Hathaway a few years back came to mind:
Does the skulls interior post ring a bell?

Things on her list to purchase:

  • mirrory furniture (Pier1 has some of the best, inexpensive pieces I've found)

  • lucite coffee table (I found her some nice priced ones at Overstock and CB2)

  • a zebra shaped rug for the living area. (ZGalleria has a pretty cute, inexpensive option)
She also HATES red, so don't suggest any red walls. SO let's help her out readers! Give Nell any fun decorating advice you can, especially if you have experience with renting. OH P.S. she sent me this image of a chair she's considering purchasing from HomeGoods. Her email said it had poodles on it, so I was a bit terrified to open the pic, but I was delightfully surprised! I love when there's unexpected touches to a room like this:

I'll make sure she sends us some pics when it's all complete!
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  1. I know it may seem daunting, but this is your own little corner of the world- so do it up- your style! I definitely love the modern vintage look- old with new. I would try to visit some local antique stores or flea markets to find some great pieces- side tables, accessories, etc. The best advice is to put only things you truly love in your space- whether they match or not! Have fun decorating- do it piece by piece and find things that truly reflect you! Have fun and take all of Andrea's advice! She told me to float my sofa- I did and I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I think that chair is so fun and whimsical and it's such a unique piece. It'd god with that pretty blue color and maybe grays and black?

    Thanks for the bday wishes, Andrea! :)

  3. Love that chair and your advice, she can always use that chair in her bedroom when/if she adds a guy to her life. Also, I didn't know that most furniture stores have a line of "Apartment size furniture" it has smaller arms and just seems more scaled down. So much of today's furniture has really big arms and takes up too much room. Don't forget to shop the second hand stores and flea markets to find unusual pieces and great prices. We have so many neat places like that in Des Moines, lots of fun to poke around in and you see really unusual pieces.

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