Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NYC Recap

I'm back! NYC was definitely a blast. Although, I have no news to report for the Design on a Dime event. I must not have received the memo, because when I got there, all the vignettes were stripped down to the bare walls. I almost wanted to cry.

Apparently, as soon as the event kicked off on Thursday (where the tickets were $150 vs. free on Friday and Saturday), people could purchase the items right out of the vignettes and take them home. So I trudged up in there thinking I was going to see all these interior designers' creations, and nadah. My sweet fiance felt so bad, he took me to get a mani/pedi. So cute!

I also scored a lovely polka dot scarf and a fedora from a street vendor and stumbled upon some random building that housed a ton of beginner designers creations. They were all set up with tables and I picked up an awesome geode pendant. Not like a normal flat geode, but an actual teeny rock geode that's coated in bronze. We finished the day off with pizza from Lombardis and the tastiest nutella crepe. So needless to say, I got over the tragedy that was the Design on a Dime Event. 

I take that back. I just popped over to Design Sponge, and she has a bunch of pics posted from the event. The wound has just re-opened...

To see more pics she took, click here. Let's just say I will be splurging on the $150 ticket next year. On a complete and total side note, we stayed on our boat this weekend which inspired me to consider purchasing these Sperry metallics. They seem to be popping up everywhere, and I actually have a purpose to wear these. But they're $85. Anyone own a pair?
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