Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty Pastels

Ahhh Spring, how we love you. I just received the April issue of Elle Decor with a write-up on pastels becoming the next big trend in both interiors and fashion. At first, I was a little frightened because an overuse of this color group makes it look like Easter exploded all over the place. Elle Decor did a good job at making it very appealing.

A sunny yellow pastel paint always looks cheerful, even when the weather is rainy.
Found in Elle Decor, I'd love to put this in a little girl's room. Or my room, whatever's easiest...

This little vignette combined two pastels seamlessly. Love the lucite table and fur rug.
In a word: pretty.
Valentino is the only designer who could pull of designing a pastel yellow chiffon dress in the shape of a flower. It's beautiful:
One of J.Crew's infamous blouses:
I think what works best for wearing pastels is if they are a flowy material that pulls away from the body. Just say no to a pastel suit.

And for a little beauty tip, I've been seeing lilac nail polish everywhere lately. I think I'll give it a chance this weekend:

Have a great weekend everyone! (and sorry for the late post, I'm working on decorating a model home! More to come on this project...)
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  1. I am sooo in love with everything that J.Crew is selling these days, not so much in love with the price tag though. =( That shirt is soo very lovely. I'm also loving that vintage couch!