Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polka Dots

Polka dots have seriously grown up! I was quite surprised in my research, there were tons of great options out there for incorporating it into your wardrobe as well as your decor.

I felt it only appropriate with April around the corner to post these super cute polka dot rain boots. Check out this pair at Target for only $20! Don't believe they could work for you? How about now?
Kate Spade, how we love you. This is actually a shift with a sweater on top.
Ann Taylor is my new obsession. I am in love with what they're doing right now. Gone are the days of drab suits for these guys. What makes this top so interesting is that the dots aren't perfect circles.
Check out this amazing huge headboard that connects both the twin beds. I've never seen anything like it:
That polka dot chair is making me very envious:
I would pay to sleep in this guest room. Ikat dots are to die for:
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  1. i have always been drawn to polka seeing it in that chair as well...polka dots are "happy" how can you not smile when you see them?

  2. Love polka dots too- That Ann Taylor top is gorgeous! :)

  3. 快樂的微笑是保持生命康健的唯一藥石,它的價值千萬,卻不要花費一文錢 ..................................................

  4. I LOVE polka dots!! they are so much fun! ;) Happy Friday! have a great weekend!