Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Baby Is A...

Last Monday, we got to find out what our little miracle is going to be! And it's a....


I have to say I thought for sure there was a girl in there, but that's not what our little guy wanted! And to be completely honest, I had really wanted a girl in our male dominated family. I was a little upset after we left the ultrasound appointment, but quickly got over it. There's nothing that can be done or changed, little baby boy is coming in May regardless. Truthfully, how could I be upset that we're having a baby?? Maybe he's meant to be something great in this world someday and that's why he's a he.

Also, if my son is even half the son my husband is to his parents, we will be truly blessed. And when he grows up to be a husband to his wife like my husband is to me, there's a little girl out there in this world who is in for an amazing life. Once he becomes a father, if he's inherited anything from my father, his children will have an amazing and kind man in their lives someday. I absolutely cannot wait to me our son in 4 short months!

In the meantime, nursery planning is in full swing. Here are some great inspiration photos:
Bill & Guiliana's baby boy' room

Lay Baby Lay
And my wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller. I'm loving these prego moms' style:

My belly is growing very slowly, but I'm not going to complain because it will very shortly become gigantor.

Later this week, I'll share my homemade Christmas terrarium with you all as well as my recent Hot Chocolate party I hosted!
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  1. I totally agree with you...on everything!God bless you both for this little but so big miracle and joy! the way, the nursery are just gourgeous :)

  2. Awww!That is such great news! I remember when I experienced that moment of finding out what I was having. Such joy! Boys are a lot of fun. You are in for many years of great happiness.

  3. CONGRATS! I am loving the nursery inspiration!