Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Hopes & Dreams

I feel like it's bad luck if you don't make some sort of goals/resolutions for the new year, so here goes mine:

1. Practice my Italian - my sweet husband bought me Rosetta Stone Italian for Christmas. I can speak a few things, but not well enough to be able to teach our Lorenzo. And since I'll be home with him the most, it's important I gain a better knowledge of the language. My husband's generation is one of the last in his family that will still speak Italian, so we want to keep it going. 

2. Photography Lessons: Once our little one arrives, I'll be worse than the paparazzi, so I'd love to brush up on my photography skills and take some amazing shots.

3. Prep for Baby: I need to start reading anything on babies I can get my hands on over the next few months. This one is hilarious:
I also just finished designing Lorenzo's nursery! I'll share later this week.
4. Build our Home! This is one of the biggest goals for 2013. I'm excited to start, hopefully in February/March, but it's going to be quite stressful taking on this endeavor and having a baby at the same time. It's not too surprising though, we typically never do one thing at a time. Here's the front view so far!
5. Let Go of Work: I'm a super control freak when it comes to running our businesses and have a really hard time letting anyone else do my job. Problem is, I'm going to have the most important job in my life come May and I can't be two places at once. I need to learn to relinquish some of my responsibilities and I'll have slightly less stress moving forward.
6. Pursue my Boutique: I literally say this every year, that this is the year I'll open my store. And then I get so sucked in to my husbands' businesses, I just can't break away. Hence goal #5. I'm viewing the time away from work as my time to focus on what I truly want to do in my life.
7. Wedding Album: So embarassing, but I was married in 2010 and still never put together a wedding photo album. This NEEDS TO HAPPEN!
 I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous new year!
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