Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Word of Warning

WARNING! This is for all fellow bloggers out there. I received a message when I was uploading some photos to post to my blog that my Picasa web albums were full and I needed to purchases more space. Me, being the cheap person that I am (yes that's right, the girl who owns a Celine bag) decided whatevs, I ain't payin $3 a month to post photos to my blog and deleted a bunch of photos I had in the picasa albums to make space. BIG MISTAKE! Little did I know, it's connected to my blog and it deleted all the photos off my blog that I deleted from the Picasa web album. So if you see a hideous circle with a dash through it, that's my cheapskate actions in all its glory. And there's no way of getting them back unless I go through my whole blog of 3 years, find the ones I deleted, and reupload them to each individual post.

I am as angry as this turtle right now:

and this baby:

and this cat:

That's a whole lotta anger my friends...a whole lot...
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