Monday, June 18, 2012

Trend Alert: Zebra Prints

I know what you're thinking. By the title of this post, you're thinking the traditional zebra stripes, but oh no my friends, we're talking the actual zebra animal in all its glory.

I just ordered this super duper cute scarf from Spotted Moth (in kelly green):


Via Kelly Wearstler
The above umbrella, which is the mac daddy of all umbrellas, is ScalamandrĂ©’s Zebra Print. I completely fell in love when I saw it installed at this year's Kip's Bay Decorator Show House. These little guys will be prancing through my home someday...

Here'e the foyer design from the show house, done by Bryant Keller whom I met in person there. Nicest guy by the way:

Image via NY Times
The ScalamandrĂ© Zebra Print was first designed for Gino's Restaurant in NYC in the 1940s. According to my research, that's the only place it was used it until relatively recently when they reintroduced it and came out with more colors. The owner of Gino's had always wanted to go on an African safari, but couldn't afford it. He said he thought he could at least afford to have zebras on his wallpaper. He commissioned his friend, Franco Scalamandre, to design it.

Image via La Dolce Vita
Image via Habitually Chic

Image via
So fun, right? Obviously, it's quite expensive since it's become so popular in the design world, but it's perfect for a small space or accent wall, meaning hopefully I'll only need to order one roll. Hopefully...
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  1. Awesome pictures, the colors and designs of those walls are also very nice in looking. Last photo is perfect for my bathroom at my condo in philippines. :)