Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trending Neon

Neon is everywhere you look these days, but if you're like me, I've proceeded with caution so as not to look like a cast member on Saved By the Bell. There's also some really great ways to incorporate the trend into your homes, as well:

Decorating 101: Use accessories to incorporate a trend. This space did just that with the neon pillows and how friggin cool is the neon bust in the corner? Such a great idea to play with a decorative piece that typically possesses a serious tone.
Again, artwork is a great way to try something new and you can totally get a cheap coffee table at a thrift store and go to town spray painting. When you're tired of the neon pink, it's easy and inexpensive to change it. I'm not quite sure what the illuminated pig is all about, but hey to each his own. Also, in both this room and the one above, the moody charcoal gray is an excellent backdrop to the neon tones. Gray is definitely my favorite color to pair with neon.

Love the neon door against the black and white wallpaper. These kinds of ideas are what great design is all about. The wallpaper is a take on a very traditional, hoity toity toile and the trimwork is super detailed and grand. Then, you throw a neon door in the mix to keep things interesting and tone down the formal feel of this dining room. Perfection.

And come on. What girl would not live here in a heartbeat?

Seen many times over in the blogosphere, whoever this chic is most definitely has a lot of girl haters, me included. Amazing chanel bag, hermes cuff, and the coolest neon dress ever?? I salute you. 

Gorgeous soft gray tones:

And here's an outfit I threw together featuring neon yellow jeans. My style is very ladylike so here's what I'd pair them with:

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  1. hi, its those beige flats and handbag love, whose are they??

  2. Would love to know about the clutch and shoes, pls tell

  3. Ellen - here's the link for where the items are from. Sorry, I forgot to include it!