Friday, May 4, 2012

A Decorator's POV

Today's post is all about my point of view on current trends. You can agree with me or you can vehemently disagree with me. Either way, I'd love to hear it!

Leopard Jeans

I had a love hate relationship with Target for quite some time. Every time I walked in that store, the Vanilla Star leopard jeans would stare at me. They'd say, you know you want to try me on. You know you'll eventually buy me. What are you waiting for? They won. But only because they were on clearance for $16 and if I ended up hating them next year, it wouldn't be a total loss. Well, I ended up loving them. And so did like 8 people who complimented me the day I wore them, so these bad boys must have been a good choice:

The trick is, pair them with something classic and ultra feminine if you don't want to look too hipster. I was inspired by these stylish gals:
Now she makes me want to get the gray ones, too. Oye... from:

Pajama Top

The only reason I'm hesitant about taking the pajama top plunge is I vividly remember my Dad wearing a pajama top that looked very much like the ones we're seeing hitting the streets. And his was worn for it's original intention. I say if I find one at a great price, sure why not.

Hightop Sneakers

I'm sorry OP, to me you are my  modern day fashion icon, but really? Why? You've ruined a perfectly gorgeous amazing outfit with shoes you've clearly stolen from MC Hammer's closet. I mean, kudos for keeping the color scheme consistent with them, but I just can't get on board.
I will, however, say if someone said it's either wear hightop sneakers or give me your first born child, this is how I'd want to look wearing them...

Door Colors
I am so in love with this trend right now. Painting an accent interior door a bold, high gloss color is so in right now, and it's the perfect way to add an element of interest to a room:

House Beautiful

Easel TV Stands

Another very cool idea to be hitting the design world, I'm definitely over flat screens being mounted on walls and being the main focal point in a room. Granted, the tv is typically the main focal point, but let's keep it interesting by incorporating it into the decor better. The only downside: It takes up a lot more room than hanging the tv on the wall:

Apartment Therapy
Matching Patterns:

This can be done tastefully and it can be done where you run from the room screaming. It's definitely a statement making design, but just make sure the stamement you're trying to make is what you intended.

Ok, ok no bad. I might miss the chair when I go to sit down, but it's manageable:

Again, not too bad if you're looking to keep your window treatments from being a main focal point. I prefer to keep it interesting and vary it up. I will, however, take that view :

There's just too many amazing resources when it comes to decorating today, so I say take advantage of them. Matching wallpaper, headboard, and nighstand fabric? I know I personally couldn't wake up in this room every morning:

So that's my point of view on what's happening in the design and fashion industry! I'd love to hear your opinion. Have a great weekend!

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