Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Buon Giorno! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with being stuck at home due to a stupid snowstorm we got. I say stupid because my husband has to go out and plow all our rental properties so it's just me and the pom hangin' out. I guess it does look pretty afterwards:

I kept myself quite busy, though. Cleaned out all  my kitchen cabinets and now my spice cabinet looks so clean! I also baked my second batch of macarons. These little devils can either come out perfect, or make you want to rip your friggin hair out. The one batch I made had to be thrown out. So annoying. Then I found this awesome video and figured out I wasn't whipping my egg whites and sugar long enough. Who knew they could get so thick??

When I get them down perfect, I'll be sure to share my process. I went for pink vanilla this time:

I also made a delightful Sunday morning breakfast. I don't know why I never thought to use frozen fruit in the winter. Duh.

We ordered a pizza Saturday night and I was seriously like a child. We never order pizza since A. we go to my bro-in-laws to get it or B. my hubs makes it at home. We ordered from Dominos (I know, wow so fancy) and got a thin crust veggie pizza. Have you seen this tracker device?? You can order it online and the pizza is updated on a tracker so you know when they're prepping it, when they're putting in the oven, etc. I was screaming to my husband every step of the way where our pizza was. He was not as impressed as me. I then was waiting by our window like a kid on Christmas until he pulled up. Hey, I was home all day in this snowstorm. Believe me, it was exciting at the time.
I also got to practice the "blogger bun". If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically just a large bun on top of your head that bloggers seem to enjoy. I got my tips from The Daybook blog. I love this chic. She's hilarious and always has such fun posts to read. Here's her how to video:

The Bun from Sydney Poulton on Vimeo.

And here's my version! I had it bigger over the weekend when I practiced, but decided it probably wasn't best for the office. Especially since my husband came home from plowing and asked what happened on top of my head.

I found this awesome blazer/sweater thing at H&M this weekend, as well as the peplum tee:

It is not the H&M one that I was lusting after from This Time Tomorrow. I couldn't find it, but close enough I guess. Although my search is not over.

How was your weekend? I love to hear what people amuse themselves with in a snowstorm!
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  1. Snow? What's that? Here in Thousand Oaks (CA) it rained a bit over the weekend but today was a sunny 76 degrees. Loved my lunch on the club patio with girlfirends. I sat next to someone from New York who was admiring the weather. I haven't seen snow for decades but I do like to hear about it! I just love your blog even though I'm not local....

  2. Aw thanks Coleen! I would love to have your weather! Each winter that goes by makes me want to live somwhere like CA more and more!