Monday, June 6, 2011

Leopard and Polka Dots

Who would have thought leopard and polka dots could look so good?

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I have a really cute polka dot dress from Ann Taylor that I now would love to wear leopard pumps with. Problem is I do not own leopard pumps, only flats. Looks like Zappos, here I come...I'm actually kind of really into these designed by Ivanka Trump of all people?? I didn't even know she was designing shoes?? Must have needed an additional source of income...
I couldn't find any interior designs with this combo, so I designed a quick living room design board around the theme:
Leopard + Polka Dot
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  1. love this post! sometimes when you pair the most random assortment you get the best outfit! We love Blair and Anh!

    love from San Francisco,