Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Falling Water

My sincere apologies for being a blogger slacker lately. Lots going on with work, so I've been a little busy. I just got a project for a master bedroom and home office so I'm super excited to be working on that.

Over the weekend, I took a trip to Falling Water and was so glad I finally took the time to do it. It was AMAZING! The house cost $155,000 to build in 1936, when houses were going for $5,000 at the time. Frank Lloyd Wright was one amazing dude. I've been meaning to read some of the books about him and his scandalous life, and now I definitely have to. Here are some of my pics I took:

I think I'm going to hang this one in my office:

We weren't allowed to take photos inside, so here are some I pulled off of good 'ol Google:

Here are some outdoor shots from Fall and Winter. I think they said October is their busiest time.

Has anyone ever been?
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  1. i am dying to go there! when i was in scottsdale in November i saw Taliesen West- very cool. FLW is a legend!