Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gradient Ombre in Design

I feel like gradient/ombre/dip-dye is one of those things where one day it's in, the next day it's out. For me, I equate it with an easy going, carefree vibe, and does that ever go out of style? I think not...

Anthro has these adorable (I don't really like that word, but it just came out while typing.) ombre curtains. I would use the turquoise ones or coral ones at a beach house:

Anthropologie Wavering Ombre Curtain


Calypso St. Barth  
Ann Taylor Loft - 40% off sale going on now!!
P.S. Did you know ombre is the French word for shadow? I was probably more excited than necessary to learn that.

P.P.S. Did anyone watch Million Dollar Decorators last night? I have a bit of a scary obsession when it comes to this show. My poor hubster is not even aloud to breathe loudly or he gets blasted. You know that rug that Martyn HAD to purchase for Daisy Fuentes with a price tag of $25,000??? He totes should have logged on to Overstock. She would have saved $24,561.01. And that's without any coupon codes...

Overstock Version

Overstock has some seriously awesome rugs, including ombre styles, at amazing prices. Check out this timeless David Hicks inspired design for $269.99! I may just have to use this on a client project (or at my house. That's what I tell my husband whenever I buy things like this, "it's for a future client!" Then it'll show up somewhere in our house)

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  1. i love the Loft skirt and the pillows! i didn't catch last night's ep (on the DVR), but I LOVE million $ decorators!