Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lace Lovin

I'm very hard at work with the finishing touches on a design plan for my clients' master bedroom and thankfully the real estate world is finally picking up a bit, so I've been doing a lot more showings lately. Btw, I have my real estate license. Have I ever said that? Yep, I pretty much have everything to do with homes - from the building process, to the selling process, to the design process. And I love it! I'm also still working on that showroom.  I'm shooting for a September grand opening if not sooner.

Anyway, lace is my latest love. I bought the most beautiful cream lace skirt this Spring and am constantly wanting to wear it. I love counteracting the soft girly fabric with something like a chambray oxford. It's also a great fabric for using in interiors, as well.

This scalloped lace curtain is GORG!

Lace wallpaper is so dainty:

And there are just no words for this amazing lace area rug:

I could wear this outfit once a week:

Lace shorts are a must-have:

Oh, have you seen the newest show on Bravo coming in August? I'm really not a Bravo nut thanks to all this Housewives business, but with Million Dollar Decorators and now this, I fear I'm being sucked in. The show's called Fashion Hunters and it follows characters from the store Second Time Around as they find amazing pieces for their boutiques. I few years back in Boston, I found the most AMAZING Escada striped pencil skirt from this store. I'm sure the deals will be hard to find now that there's going to be a show about it and people will be flocking there. AND Flipping Out premiers July 6th. Love that show, too. Oh Bravo, at least you've saved me from a summer with absolutely nothing on tv. Crap. I also just saw Rachael Zoe comes back on August 2nd, too. I am officially going to be a Bravo nut...
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