Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Ladylike...

Shopping with my friend this past weekend, we got to talking about our individual styles. I've never felt like I had one particular style I could pinpoint. I like a little bit of everything, which in the interior design world, we'd say "it's eclectic" and call it a day. I guess you could say that about my fashion style, but that's just not good enough for me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized every outfit I put together has a ladylike touch to it. Yay!! I've figured it out!! I could be wearing a casual striped tee and rolled up denim shorts in the summer, but then I'll pop in a pair of pearl earrings. Or, I'll wear denim ripped up jeans, an oxford, and then add a chain handled purse and ballet flats to the mix.


Olivia Palermo is the queen of ladylike. I know I just posted her in the leather shorts, but I'm sorry, the girl seriously rocks my world. I honestly think she's on her way to becoming a modern day fashion icon.

Notice the cargo jacket with the ruffled blouse peeking out from underneath? Perfection...

Love these ladylike touches:

I love the idea of adding ladylike touches to an interior.This bedroom has very masculine bedding, but the headboard and artwork add the perfect feminine touch:

Ok and these last two may just be straight up ladylike, but whatever, I still love them! (I think this first room is actually all items from IKEA. Pretty awesome...)

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