Friday, May 13, 2011

Client's Outdoor Space

Sooo, my first outdoor design job is complete! I have been so anxious for this, I could barely stand it. We started off with a budget and intentions on using the existing furniture the family already had. Her style was very Pottery Barn, but I'm sure as you all know, you may have to take a loan from your life's savings by the time you're done shopping there. After hitting up a few antique stores, I had the look without the major expense. So, without further ado, here are the photos:



The trunk coffee table was vintage and very nicely priced. Plus, it doubles as storage for the pillows. Once winter comes, the folding chairs can be used indoors as extra seating for the holidays.

I took her old red pots and spraypainted them black to fit in with the new color scheme. I also added some floral hanging baskets.

Next, I tackled the dining area by turning the table the other way so all the furniture wasn't in a straight line. I also added hanging lanterns and a pretty, ornate mirror on the siding for an unexpected touch.

Next, I took her old table, sanded it down, and stained it to match the wood in the chairs and to also give it a more "finished" expensive look. The stools are from Pier1 and fit perfect with the table.

Finally, with some help from our landscaper, I redesigned the strange space that this was into the perfect area for a firepit. I used their old furniture and repurposed the coffee table as a plant stand and firewood storage. I also tried to continue the rustic look by adding the stand with plants and a coppery firepit. 

The homeowner loved it and I have to say I'm happy with the outcome, too! I had a great experience with this client and really hope my future ones are just as awesome to work with! If you'd like to see more photos, visit Tendenza Fashion & Interiors' facebook!

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